All About Lorelai Gilmore!

Lorelai is a terrible cook. See above for proof of that; she believes Pop-Tarts are an essential food group.

According to Emily, her mother, Lorelai doesn't have a knack for meeting men.
Emily believed that so firmly she actually set Lorelai up on a blind date!
Lorelai ended up climbing out the window.

Everyone who watches "Gilmore Girls" probably knows know that Lorelai and
Luke, the coffee shop owner, have something between them.
But what exactly is it? With the arrival of Rachel, things are destined to change!

Lorelai has the obnoxious habit of talking to objects. For instance, in the episode "The Third Lorelai" she talks to her mother's dog statues.

Above: Lorelai and the dog statutes.
Lorelai (to the dogs): Hey, fellas.
Emily: I have to unpack all the presents she's ever given us!
Lorelai: I don't think Grandma's going to remember everything. She's an old woman, Mom.
Emily: Oh, she will remember everything, right down to the last shrimp fork. And do you know why?
Lorelai: No. (To the dogs) Do you guys know?
Emily: Because she doesn't just give you a gift, she gives you a gift. And she tells you how much it cost and where you should put it and how you should use it and so forth, for insurance purposes. And of course, you do so, but then you wake up one morning and get sick of those stupid animals looking at you!
Lorelai (to the dogs): She doesn't mean that. She's just upset.

Lorelai really cares about Rory. This is evident nearly all the time. In the episode, "Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers," Lorelai gives Rory a big hug in the foyer of the house. You are almost crying! It is so very sad.

Above: The "after-breakup" hug.
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